Epilogue – Back Home Safely

Just a short note to share with you all that we arrived home safely Wednesday night at 10 pm Eastern Daylight Time.  A 4:45 am wake-up call (10:45 pm EDT) aroused us, we had our final breakfast at the hotel, loaded up the bus and headed to the airport in Tel Aviv, a short 45 minute drive.   Security and luggage checks were thorough, and after a two hour process, we made it to the gate.  We got our fix of Kosher McDonald’s (I am serious), purchased our travel chocolate, and boarded the plane.  Located near the back of the plane (row 43), we watched movies, shared final stories, and looked forward to our homecomings.  The landing in Newark was a bit dicey, as the winds caused the plane to come in a bit sideways.   Our flight back to Columbus was delayed a few minutes because of weather (the wind on the coast), but we were back in Columbus by 10 pm and in bed by 11 pm – a good 24 hour day of travel.

I would like to thank you all for following along through this weblog  – it has been helpful for me to share our experiences as they happen, and I am glad to know that many took the time to read, to comment and share this with others.  As of today, nearly 2100 visits have been made to this weblog (probably about 500 of those being Joyce Michael checking on her hubby). 

My hope and prayer is that we may continue to share this information with you as a tool to encourage YOU to travel to the Holy Land.  We DO plan to go again, tentatively in a year and a half to two years from now.  It truly IS a trip of a lifetime.  A special word of thanks, blessings and praise to my fellow travelers in my group – your patience, laughter, faithfulness, compassion and tolerance were a blessing to me, and I hope we travel together again.

As we approach Holy Week, may God bless you with the promises fulfilled through Jesus the Christ, who suffered and died for you and me, and who rose from the dead, so that we might have life, and have it abundantly.






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2 responses to “Epilogue – Back Home Safely

  1. nancy bjorkman

    welcome home, and God bless. i have enjoyed the blog.

  2. Joyce Michael

    OK- I admit – We did follow along quite closely.

    It was amazing and we are so thankful to have everyone home and safe. Easter WILL be very special this year.
    Joyce and Jack- Steven too!

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